Silence in Organizations

Silence at work – An international project on motives for employee silence and their potential antecedents and consequences

Participating Countries

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Aim of the Project

The central aim of the project is to advance knowledge on workplace silence. More specifically, we examine international differences and similarities in employees’ tendencies to express vs. withhold their views at work and try to learn more about 1) the scope, 2) antecedents, and 3) consequences of employee silence in different cultural regions.

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We are working with more than 40 researchers from over 30 countries under the coordination of Dr. Michael Knoll. Find out more about the individual contributors here.

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Project Status

Graue Treppenstufen

Timeframe and next steps

This project started in 2015 with the translation of a measurement of motives for employee silence. By now we have acquired a huge data set with over 8.000 participants. Find out more about the different steps already undertaken and the future goals of this endeavor.

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Ein senkrechter Stapel von Zeitungen

Sharing our insights

Research should inform practice. That's why we strive to inform the public about the results and implications of our research. We accomplish this through publications, presentations at conferences, and contributions in/for practitioner outlets.

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Here we list important literature in the field of employee and organizational silence and cross-cultural research.

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Media Coverage

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In the news

There are prominent examples of silence in organizations and its detrimental effects on organizations, their members, and society. Here, we collect instances of the media covering these cases.

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Dr. Michael Knoll

Dr. Michael Knoll

Research Fellow

Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie
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