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  • European Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists (EAWOP) conference in Dublin 2017
  • DGPs (German Psychological Association) in September 2018 in Frankfurt/M.
  • European Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists (EAWOP) conference 2019 in Torino
  • EAWOP Impact Incubator on Threats and Securities ”Bad apples, stressed apples or learning apples? Translating work psychological science on how employee-based threats arise“ in 2021
    See Michael Knoll's talk on voice and silence here:
    talk on Youtube
  • EAWOP Impact Incubator ”Silence is golden?“ as a webinar 2021. This event was part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2021 and was made possible thanks to funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), which is part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).
    talk on Youtube
    EAWOP SGM Activity Report: Voice and Wellbeing in the Caring Professions – Linking Research and Application
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Articles in peer reviewed journals

  • Knoll, M., Götz, M., Adriasola, E., Al-Atwi, A.A., Arenas, A., Atitsogbe, K.A., Barrett, S., Bhattacharjee, A., Blanco, N.D., Bogilović, S., Bollmann, G., Bosak, J., Bulut, C., Carter, M., Cerne, M., Chui, S., Di Marco, D., Duden, G., Elsey, V., Fujimura, M., Gatti, P., Ghislieri, C., Giessner, S., Hino, K., Hofmans, J., Jønsson, T.S., Kazimna, P., Lowe, K.P., Malagon Peren, J., Mohebbi, H., Montgomery, A., Monzani, L., Nederveen Pieterse, A., Ngoma, M., O’Shea, D., Lundsgaard Ottsen, C., Ozeren, E., Pickett, J.L., Rangkuti, A.A., Retowski, S., Sattari Ardabili, F., Shaukat, R., Silva, S.A., Šimunić, A., Steffens, N.K., Sultanova, F., Szücs, D., Tavares, S.M., Tipandjan, A., van Dick, R., Vasiljevic, D., Wong, S.I., & Zacher, H. (2021). International differences in employee silence motives: Scale validation, prevalence, and relationships with culture characteristics across 33 countries. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 42, 619–648.
  • Wilkinson, A., Knoll, M., Mowbray, P. K., & Dundon, T. (2021). New Trajectories in worker voice: Integrating and applying contemporary challenges in the organization of work. British Journal of Management, 32, 693-707.

Contributions in the media

  • Interview with Michael Knoll in Personalwirtschaft, 11, 2021 (German Journal for Practitioners in the human resource domain) can be found here:
  • Interview with Michael Knoll for University Leipzig can be found here: 

Other materials

  • An animation on employee silence that has been developed within the EAWOP impact incubator can be found here:

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