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Timeframe and next steps

  • The project started in 2015. In the first phase of the project (2015-2020) scales to assess four motives for employee silence were translated in 21 languages. Data were collected in 33 countries. Preliminary results were presented and discusses at the EAWOP 2017 in Dublin at the DGPs (German Psychological Association) in Frankfurt in 2018 and at the EAWOP 2019 in Torino. In a first publication (2021, Journal of Organizational Behavior), we showed evidence for scale validity (incl. measurement invariance), international differences and similarities in silence motives across 33 countries, and relationships to the cultural dimensions from the Globe study (House et al., 2004).
  • In the second phase of the project (from 2021-2025), we conduct in-depth analyses of the existing data set (> 8000 participants), prepare and conduct a second international study, and develop spin-off projects with regional and topic foci. We also prepare grant proposals to make the network sustainable (e.g., get funding for meetings, data collection, scholarships for PhD students etc.).

Further Information

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