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Chemical space and the periodic system of chemical elements. Photo: Thomas Endler/Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences

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Researchers study historical developments of the periodic system of chemical elements

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The home screen of LifeGate shows the full diversity of life at a glance. Users can zoom in at any given area until they reach the species level. Photo: LifeGate

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LifeGate – New interactive map shows the full diversity of life

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Structures of three peptide-receptor complexes of the human NPY family. The peptide ligand is shown in orange (NPY) and red (PP), the receptors in blue and violet respectively, the interaction partner in the cell is a so-called G protein, shown in green. Top right: enlarged detailed image showing the bound structure and dynamics of NPY at Y1R and Y2R.

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Small changes – but essential! How peptides are recognised in receptors

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The research of our faculty is very diverse. Current research questions are clustered in three large, faculty research areas, whose orientation and goals are outlined in the Institutional Strategy. You can also discover our networking with the university research profile areas.

Research Profile Areas

Outstanding researchers from our faculty are interconnected across disciplines, including the humanities. Discover how the connection of these worlds of knowledge contributes to meeting the challenges of our time.

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The three institutes of our faculty, Biochemistry, Biology and Psychology, offer study programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's and State Examination degrees. Around 30 professors supervise about 1700 enrolled students and 500 doctoral students in their academic careers.


Wir vereinen unter unserem Dach das Institut für Biochemie, das Institut für Biologie und das Institut für Psychologie. Über 30 Professorinnen und Professoren begleiten rund 1700 eingeschriebene Studierende zum Bachelor, Master oder dem Staatsexamen und 500 Promovenden auf ihrem akademischen Weg.

an einem großen runden Tisch tagt ein Auschuss und ist aus der Vogelperspektive fotografiert.
Detailaufnahme eines aufgeschlagenen Ordners
Ein Mitarbeiter des Studienbüros führt eine telefonische Beratung durch.
Büste von Carl von Linné im Botanischen Garten im Sonnenlicht
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Fakultät für Lebenswissenschaften

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