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PD Dr. Dennis Pauls

Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Tier- und Verhaltensphysiologie
Talstraße 33, Raum 264
04103 Leipzig

Telefon: +49 341 97-36776
Telefax: +49 341 97-36848

  • Dannhäuser, S.; Lux, T. J.; Hu, C.; Pauls-Selcho, M.; Chen, J. T.-C.; Ehmann, N.; Sachidanandan, D.; Stopp, S.; Pauls, D.; Pawlak, M.; Langenhan, T.; Soba, P.; Rittner, H. L.; Kittel, R. J.
    Antinociceptive modulation by the adhesion GPCR CIRL promotes mechanosensory signal discrimination.
    eLife. 2020. S. 1-23
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  • Pauls-Selcho, M.; Pauls, D.
    Linking feeding relevant behaviors to physiological processes by octopamine
    Current Opinion in Insect Science. 2019. S. 125-130
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  • Lyutova, R.; Selcho, M.; Pfeuffer, M.; Segebarth, D.; Habenstein, J.; Rohwedder, A.; Frantzmann, F.; Wegener, C.; Thum, A. S.; Pauls, D.
    Reward signaling in a recurrent circuit of dopaminergic neurons and peptidergic Kenyon cells
    Nature Communications. 2019.
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  • Beck, S.; Yu-Strzelczyk, J.; Pauls, D.; Constantin, O. M.; Gee, C. E.; Ehmann, N.; Kittel, R. J.; Nagel, G.; Gao, S.
    Synthetic Light-Activated Ion Channels for Optogenetic Activation and Inhibition
    Frontiers in Neuroscience. 2018.
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