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Titelblatt der Zeitschrift ChemBioChem mit dem Artikel von A. Ogonkov et al.: Characterization of an Unusual α-Oxoamine Synthase Off-Loading Domain from a Cyanobacterial Type I Fatty Acid Synthase.
  • Carrasco Flores, D.; Hotter, V.; Vuong, T.; Hou, Y.; Bando, Y.; Scherlach, K.; Burgunter-Delamare, B.; Hermenau, R.; Komor, A.J.; Aiyar, P.; Rose, M.; Sasso, S.; Arndt, H.-D.; Hertweck, C.; Mittag, M.
    A mutualistic bacterium rescues a green alga from an antagonist.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121: e2401632121.

  • Safavi-Rizi, V.; Uhlig, T.; Lutter, F.; Safavi-Rizi, H.; Krajinski-Barth, F.; Sasso, S.
    Reciprocal modulation of responses to nitrate starvation and hypoxia in roots and leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Plant Signaling & Behavior 19: 2300228.

  • Böhmer, S.; Marx, C.; Goss, R.; Gilbert, M.; Sasso, S.; Happe, T.; Hemschemeier, A.
    Chlamydomonas reinhardtii mutants deficient for Old Yellow
    Enzyme 3 exhibit increased photooxidative stress.

    Plant Direct. 7:e480.

  • Riedl, V.; Portius, M.; Heiser, L.; Riedl, P.; Jakob, T.; Gehring, R.; Berg, T.; Pompe, T.
    Development of a synthesis strategy for sulfamethoxazole derivatives and their coupling with hydrogel microparticles.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry B 11:4695-4702.

  • Ogonkov, A.; Brosius, P.E.; Zeng, Q.; Sasso, S.; Nagel, R.
    Not all Acidovorax are created equal: Gibberellin biosynthesis in the turfgrass pathogen A. avenae subsp. avenae.
    Molecular plant-microbe interactions 36: 647-655.

  • Ogonkov, A.; Dieterich, C.L.; Meoded, R.A.; Piel, J.; Fraley, A.E.; Sasso, S.
    Characterization of an unusual α-oxoamine synthase off-loading domain from a cyanobacterial type I fatty acid synthase.
    Chemical Biology 24: e202300209.

  • Krumbholz, J.; Ishida, K.; Baunach, M.; Teikari, J.E.; Rose, M.M.; Sasso, S.; Hertweck, C.; Dittmann, E.
    Deciphering chemical mediators regulating specialized metabolism
    in a symbiotic cyanobacterium.

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition Engl. 61:e202204545.

  • Büchel, C.; Goss, R.; Bailleul, B.; Campbell, D.A.; Lavaud, J.; Lepetit, B.
    Photosynthetic light reactions in diatoms. I. The lipids and light-harvesting complexes of the thylakoid membrane.
    In: A. Falciatore, T. Mock (eds.), The Molecular Life of Diatoms, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. pp. 397-422.

  • Lepetit, B.; Campbell, D.A.; Lavaud, J.; Büchel, C.; Goss, R.; Bailleul, B.
    Photosynthetic light reactions in diatoms. II. The dynamic regulation of the various light reactions.
    In: A. Falciatore, T. Mock (eds.), The Molecular Life of Diatoms, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. pp. 423-463.

  • Goss, R.; Volke, D.; Werner, L.E.; Kunz, R.; Kansy, M.; Hoffmann, R.; Wilhelm, C.
    Isolation of fucoxanthin chlorophyll protein complexes of the centric diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana associated with the xanthophyll cycle enzyme diadinoxanthin de-epoxidase.
    IUBMB Life: 1-11.

  • Grund, M.; Jakob, T.; Toepel, J.; Schmid, A.; Wilhelm, C.; Bühler, B.
    Heterologous lactate synthesis in Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803 causes a growth condition-dependent carbon sink effect.
    Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 88:e00063-22.

  • Ludwig, A.D.; Doktor, D.; Goss, R.; Sasso, S.; Feilhauer H.
    The leaf is always greener on the other side of the lab: Optical in-situ indicators for leaf chlorophyll content need improvement for semi-natural grassland areas.
    Ecological Indicators. 143:109424.

  • Krespach, M.K.C.; Stroe, M.C.; Flak, M.; Komor, A.J.; Nitzsche, S.; Sasso, S.; Hertweck, C.; Brakhage, A.A.
    Bacterial marginolactones trigger formation of algal gloeocapsoids, protective aggregates on the verge of multicellularity.
    Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA. 118:e2100892118.

  • Rose, M.; Scheer, D.; Hou, Y; Hotter, V.; Komor, A.J.; Ajyar, P.; Scherlach, K.; Vergara, F.; Yan, Q.; Loper, J.; Jakob, T.; van Dam, N.; Hertweck, C.; Mittag, M.; Sasso, S.
    The bacterium Pseudomonas protegens antagonizes the microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii using a blend of toxins.
    Environmental Microbiology. 23: 5525–5540.

  • Hotter, V.; Zopf, D.; Kim, H.J.; Silge, A; Schmitt, M.; Ajyar, P.; Fleck, J.; Matthäus, C.; Hniopek, J.; Yan, Q.; Loper, J.; Sasso, S.; Hertweck, C; Popp, J.; Mittag, M.
    A polyyne toxin produced by an antagonistic bacterium blinds and lyses a Chlamydomonad alga.
    Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA. 118:e2107695118.

  • Goss, R.; Schwarz, C.; Matzner, M.; Wilhelm, C.
    Influence of the compatible solute sucrose on thylakoid membrane organization and violaxanthin de‑epoxidation.
    Planta. 254: 52.

  • Bozzato, D.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.; Trimborn, S.
    Effects of iron limitation on carbon balance and photophysiology of the Antarctic diatom Chaetoceros cf. simplex.
    Polar Biology. 44: 275–287.

  • Kansy, M.; Volke, D.; Sturm, L.; Wilhelm, C.; Hofmann, R.; Goss, R. 
    Pre-purification of diatom pigment protein complexes provides insight into the heterogeneity of FCP complexes.
    BMC Plant Biology. 20:456.

  • Goss, R.; Latowski, D. 
    Lipid dependence of xanthophyll cycling.
    Frontiers of Plant Sciences. 11:455.

  • Wilhelm, C.; Goss, R.; Garab, G.
    The fluid-mosaic membrane theory in the context of photosynthetic membranes: Is the thylakoid membrane more like a mixed crystal or like a fluid?
    Journal of Plant Physiology. 252:153246.

  • Zill, J. C.; Kansy, M.; Goss, R.; Alia, A.; Wilhelm, C.; Matysik, J. 
    15N photo-CIDNP MAS NMR on both photosystems and magnetic field-dependent 13C photo-CIDNP MAS NMR in photosystem II of the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum.
    Photosynthesis Research. 140:151–171.
  • Taubert, A.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.
    Glycolate from microalgae: an efficient carbon source for biotechnological applications.
    Plant Biotechnology Journal. 17:1538-1546.

  • Nagel, R.
    Pyrethrin biosynthesis: From a phytohormone to specialized metabolite.
    Plant Physiology. 181:836–837.

  • Nagel, R.; Schmidt, A.; Peters, R. J.
    Isoprenyl diphosphate synthases: the chain length determining step in terpene biosynthesis.
    Planta. 249:9–20. 

  • Maskow, T.; Rothe, A.; Jakob, T.; Paufler, S.; Wilhelm, C.  
    Photocalorespirometry (Photo-CR): A novel method for access to photosynthetic energy conversion efficiency.
    Scientific Reports. 9:1–13.

  • Lackus, N. D.; Petersen, N. P.; Nagel, R.; Schmidt, A.; Irmisch, S.; Gershenzon, J.; Köllner, T. G.  
    Identification and characterization of trans-Isopentenyl diphosphate synthases involved in herbivory-induced volatile terpene formation in Populus trichocarpa.
    Molecules. 24:2408.

  • Grund, M.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.; Bühler, B.; Schmid, A.
    Electron balancing under different sink conditions reveals positive effects on photon efficiency and metabolic activity of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
    Biotechnology for Biofuels. 12:43.

  • Bozzato, D.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.
    Effects of temperature and salinity on respiratory losses and the ratio of photosynthesis to respiration in representative Antarctic phytoplankton species.
    PLOS ONE. 14:e0224101. 

  • Bojko, M.; Olchawa‐Pajor, M.; Goss, R.; Schaller‐Laudel, S.; Strzałka, K.; Latowski, D. 
    Diadinoxanthin de-epoxidation as important factor in the short-term stabilization of diatom photosynthetic membranes exposed to different temperatures.
    Plant, Cell & Environment. 42:1270–1286.

  • Sasso S, Stibor H, Mittag M, Grossman AR
    From molecular manipulation of domesticated Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to survival in nature.
    eLife 7
  • Nagel R, Bieber JE, Schmidt-Dannert MG, Nett RS, Peters RJ
    A third class: Functional gibberellin biosynthetic operon in beta-Proteobacteria.
    Front. Microbiol. 9
  • Nagel R, Peters R
    Probing the specificity of CYP112 in bacterial gibberellin biosynthesis.
    Biochemical Journal 475:2167–2177
  • Nagel R, Peters RJ
    Diverging Mechanisms: Cytochrome-P450-catalyzed demethylation and γ-lactone formation in bacterial gibberellin biosynthesis.
    Angewandte Chemie 130:6190–6193
  • Nagel R, Thomas JA, Adekunle FA, Mann FM, Peters RJ
    Arginine in the FARM and SARM: A role in chain-length determination for arginine in the aspartate-rich motifs of isoprenyl diphosphate synthases from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    Molecules 23:2546
  • Heimerl N1), Hommel E1), Westermann M, Meichsner D, Lohr M, Hertweck C, Grossman AR, Mittag M, Sasso S
    A giant type I polyketide synthase participates in zygospore maturation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
    The Plant Journal 95:268–281
  • Gilbert M, Bährs H, Steinberg CEW, Wilhelm C
    The artificial humic substance HS1500 does not inhibit photosynthesis of the green alga Desmodesmus armatus in vivo but interacts with the photosynthetic apparatus of isolated spinach thylakoids in vitro.
    Photosynth Res 137:403–420

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