Here You can find our ongoing internal and external doctorates as well as completed promotions.

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Ongoing Doctorates

  • Richard Janzen
    Healthy and Efficient Work in the Context of Working from Home
  • Melina Posch
    Effects of Work-Related Behavior on the Development of Civilization Diseases: Evidence from Longitudinal and Intervention Studies
  • Sarah Rietze
    Well-being in Agile Contexts (External)
  • Laura Röllmann
    Organizational Analysis and Work Design of Self-Organized Groups of Volunteers
  • Karoline Schubert
    Idle Time at Work
  • Tobias Struck
    Leadership and Health


If You are interested in more details, feel free to contact the respective PhD students!

Completed Doctorates

  • Dr. Clarissa Bohlmann
    Proactivity & Age (External)
  • Dr. Carolin Dietz
    Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Presenteeism: Evidence from Longitudinal and Experimental Studies
  • Dr. Lena-Alyeska Hübner
    Employee Surveys as a Tool for Successful Organizational Change (External)
  • Dr. Clara Kühner (née Eichberger)
    Technology-Assisted Supplemental Work and Employee Well-Being (External)
  • Dr. Moritz Petermann
    Workforce Agility (External)
  • Dr. Martin Zeschke
    Idle Time at Work

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