PhD Student

Dieses Foto zeigt Martin Katzorreck.
Martin Katzorreck, Foto: Fotostudio Astrid Nerlich.


  • 10/2013
    M. Sc. in Psychology, Leipzig University
    Master thesis: „The Offspring-Buffer of Terror Management Theory as literal and symbolic Immortality“
  • 09/2010
    B. Sc. in Psychology, Leipzig Universtiy
    Bachelor thesis:  „On the Relation between Implicit Motives and Operant Behaviour in Group Discussions“

Academic Positions

  • since 06/2017
    Ph. D. Student, Leipzig University, Institute for Psychology, Lifespan Developmental Psychology Lab (Prof. Dr. Ute Kunzmann)
  • since 09/2020 – 09/2021
    Researcher, Humboldt-University Berlin, Developmental and Educational Psychology (Prof. Dr. Denis Gerstorf)
  • 06/2015 – 05/2017
    Scholarship by the Scholarship Programme of Saxony, Institute for Psychology, Lifespan Developmental Psychology Lab (Prof. Dr. Ute Kunzmann)
  • 11/2012 – 04/2013
    Research Intern, Institute for Psychology, Social Psychology Lab (Prof. Dr. Immo Fritsche)
  • 07/2008 – 09/2010
    Undergraduate Research Assistant, Leipzig University, Institute for Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Lab (Prof. Dr. Jörg Jescheniak)
  • Lifespan psychology
  • Emotional competencies (emotional reactivity, emotional variability, emotion regulation, empathy)
  • Dealing with death anxiety and the awareness of one’s own mortality

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  • European Journal of Personality
  • Psychology and Aging
  • Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie