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Module M.Sc. Psychologie

Seminar "Visuelle Aufmerksamkeit"

The seminar "Visuelle Aufmerksamkeit" is part of our large basic module "Kognitive Prozesse". The basic module is jointly organised by the research groups Experimental Psychology and Methods, Cognitive and Biological Psychology and Cognitive Psychology.

The aim is to acquire knowledge about current findings in cognitive psychology. Students will learn to classify and critically evaluate central concepts, theories and research paradigms of cognitive psychology.

In the seminar "Visuelle Aufmerksamkeit", the basics of visual attention processes are specifically discussed. Furthermore, current research work and scientific trends will be examined.


Seminar: "Kognitive Psychologie: Aufmerksamkeit"

The "small basic module" focuses on the question of the extent to which emotional stimuli can involuntarily attract attention. On the basis of the "biased competition model", which is discussed in detail in the module "Kognitive Psychologie (11-PSY-22103)", we examine this question using exemplary original works.

Another component of the module is the active participation in an experiment in the laboratory and the attendance of a series of scientific lectures in the field of cognitive neuroscience.


Project Module "Aufmerksamkeit"

The project module is linked to a current research project in the laboratory. Ideally, this can already be the starting point to a Master's thesis. Topics vary depending on which experiments are being carried out in the laboratory at the time.



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