We are pleased that you are interested in studying natural sciences at our faculty. Pick from more than ten courses in biochemistry, biology and psychology. In all three disciplines, you can graduate with a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science, and in Biology also with a state examination for school teaching.

Study programmes biochemistry

You love natural science and enjoy looking at the wider picture of things? Biochemistry is by nature interlinked with a number of related disciplines such as biology, chemistry and physics. Our study programme will give you insight into the theoretical basis of biochemistry. Also, in a number of practical courses you will find out hands-on how to gain scientific insights.

After a very diverse study programm you will find job opportunities in research or in scientific journalism. Also, science associations, public agencies and clinical monitoring services are among your work fields. Or you may decide to specialize in a master's program.

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You can expect a study programme that is oriented towards current research issues. In addition to the classical training content, the program also offers modules in special research fields.

These include, for example, environmental microbiology, drug discovery, functional neurochemistry, neural physiology, RNA biochemistry, molecular anthropology and medical physics.

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Study programmes biology

This study programme provides you with a broad basic knowledge in the fields of zoology and botany.  You will also cover the basics from related fields such as biochemistry, chemistry, physics and mathematics. In addition, you will shape your individual study focus by choosing from fourteen elective subjects.

Job opportunities are open to you in all areas that require a basic knowledge of biology and the ability to scientifically assess biological issues. This is the case in laboratories, quality control, marketing or in the public sector.

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This degree program is being phased out. It is only possible to apply for a higher semester.

Information on applying for a higher semester can be found on our study office page (Link opens in a new window)

You can find information on the degree program in the degree program database of Leipzig University (Link opens in a new window)


This course will be offered for the first time in the winter semester 2024/25. You can find initial information on the APPLICATION PAGE OF THE OFFICE for study affairs.

Are you enthusiastic about scientific issues around the topic of biodiversity and your English skills correspond to the B2 language level? Then this English-only master's degree is for you.

The study contents are biodiversity research, ecology and evolutionary research. In 4 semesters you will work your way into current research questions using experiments, field observations and virtual experiments. You will be taught a wide range of laboratory, field, and computer methods. And last but not least, we will teach you how to interpret your results and present them in an appropriate way.

Job opportunities in conservation and resource management are available at both public and private sector institutions. However, the degree also opens the way for you to enter graduate programs at major research centers in the region.

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This degree program provides you with both subject knowledge and teaching skills and prepares you for a teaching position in high schools. Biology is one of two subjects that you must choose. The state examination regulations specify which subject combinations are possible. After ten semesters, you will complete your studies with the First State Examination.

With this degree, you are entitled to apply for admission as a trainee teacher (Vorbereitungsdienst).

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This study programme is perfect for you if you plan to teach at a secondary school, i.e. Hauptschule and Realschule, in the future. Biology is one of two subjects. Which subject you can combine with it is specified in the state examination regulations ("Landesprüfungsordnung").

In nine semesters, you will not only take subject-related modules. Content from the field of educational sciences and modules on the subject of body language and oral communication as well as internships round out the curriculum.

You will complete your studies with the First State Examination and can then apply for admission as a trainee teacher ("Vorbereitungsdienst") at secondary schools.

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You have already completed a four-week social internship in a children's, youth or social institution?

As soon as you have obtained a phoniatric report you can apply for the study progreamme to become a teacher for children with special needs. The state examination regulations ("Landesprüfungsordnung") provide information on which other subject you can combine with biology.

In ten semesters, you will not only take subject-related modules. The program also offers content from the field of educational sciences, modules on body language and oral communication as well as internships to round up the curriculum.

You will complete your studies with the First State Examination and can then apply for admission to the preparatory service (Vorbereitungsdienst) at secondary schools.

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Study programmes psychology

The Rectorate of Leipzig University has approved the planned introduction of the following newly designed study programs as of October 1, 2021:

- Psychology Master of Science - Work, Education, Society
- Psychology Master of Science - Brain and Behavior
- Psychology Master of Science - Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

An immatriculation in the first semester of the previous master programme is no longer possible. The Faculty of Life Sciences has submitted the study programs' documents to the Rector's Office for approval. Since the official publication of the study documents will only take place at a later date, you will find the preliminary, non-official version of the study documents for each study program in the download area on the right (NOTE: These versions may be subject to changes until they are published in the official bulletin.)

Are you curious about one of our study programs? Then turn to the academic advisors for prospective students of the Institute of Psychology - Wilhelm Wundt.

Students who are already enrolled in the Bachelor's or Master's programs of psychology will find all information on general regulations as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the page of the academic advisors at the Institute of Psychology.

Um es gleich vorweg zu sagen: dieser Studiengang beschäftigt sich nur zu einem geringen Teil mit psychischen Störungen und deren Therapie. Er vermittelt theoretisches, methodisches und berufspraktisches Wissen in zahlreichen Bereichen wie Allgemeine und Kognitive Psychologie (z. B. Wahrnehmung, Lernen, Gedächtnis, Aufmerksamkeit, Emotion, Motivation, Sprache, Denken), Entwicklungspsychologie, Sozialpsychologie, Psychologische Forschungsmethodik und Statistik und Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie. 

Mit diesem Abschluss sind Sie ausgerüstet für berufliche Tätigkeiten unter anderem in Psychologischen Beratungsstellen, Einrichtungen des Bildungswesens, Einrichtungen des Strafvollzugs, Personalabteilungen von Unternehmen oder dem Psychologischen Dienst in den Ämtern für Arbeit.

Der Bachelorstudiengang Psychologie an der Universität Leipzig erfüllt bei entsprechender Wahl der Module und Praktika die neuen Anforderungen der Approbationsordnung für Psychotherapeutinnen und Psychotherapeuten (PsychThApprO) für ein Studium zur Approbation in Psychotherapie.

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Since all modules are held in German, please refer to the German section to find out about the new master programmes.

Since all courses are held in German, please refer to the German section, to find out about the new master programmes.

Since all courses are held in German, please refer to the German section, to find out about the new master programmes.

Starting from winter term 2021/2022 the "classical" master study programme for psychology is open to applicants for higher semesters only.


Tips for prospective students

orientation and preparation

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Housing: Student reseidence halls

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