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  • Bozzato, D.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.
    Effects of iron limitation on carbon balance and photophysiology of the Antarctic diatom Chaetoceros cf. simplex.
    Polar Biology. doi: 10.1007/s00300-020-02785-1.

  • Wilhelm, C.; Wagner, H.
    Rate-limiting steps in algal energy conversion from sunlight to products – the role of photosynthesis.
    in Rögner M. (ed) Photosynthesis - Biotechnological Applications with Microalgae. De Gruyter.

  • Goss, R., Schwarz, C., Matzner, M., and Wilhelm, C.
    Influence of the compatible solute sucrose on thylakoid membrane organization and violaxanthin de-epoxidation.
    Planta 254, 52. doi:10.1007/s00425-021-03699-w.

  • Kansy, M.; Volke, D.; Sturm, L.; Wilhelm, C.; Hofmann, R.; Goss, R. 
    Pre-purification of diatom pigment protein complexes provides insight into the heterogeneity of FCP complexes.
    BMC Plant Biology. 20:456.

  • Wilhelm C, Goss R, Garab G
    The fluid-mosaic membrane theory in the context of photosynthetic membranes: Is the thylakoid membrane more like a mixed crystal or like a fluid?
    Journal of Plant Physiology 252:153246

  • Mann, M., Serif, M., Wrobel, T., Eisenhut, M., Madhuri, S., Flachbart, S., Weber, A., Lepetit, B., Wilhelm, C., Kroth, P.
    The Aureochrome Photoreceptor PtAUREO1a Is a Highly Effective Blue Light Switch in Diatoms.
    iScience 23, 101730. doi:10.1016/j.isci.2020.101730

  • Wagner H, Jebsen C, Wilhelm C.
    Monitoring cellular C:N ratio in phytoplankton by means of FTIR-spectroscopy.
    Journal of Phycology

  • Taubert, A.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.
    Glycolate from microalgae: an efficient carbon source for biotechnological applications.
    Plant Biotechnology Journal. 17:1538-1546.

  • Maskow, T.; Rothe, A.; Jakob, T.; Paufler, S.; Wilhelm, C.  
    Photocalorespirometry (Photo-CR): A novel method for access to photosynthetic energy conversion efficiency.
    Scientific Reports. 9:1–13.

  • Fanesi A, Wagner H, Birarda G, Vaccari L, Wilhelm C.
    Quantitative macromolecular patterns in phytoplankton communities resolved at the taxonomical level by single-cell Synchrotron FTIR-spectroscopy.
    BMC Plant Biology 19: 142 9:1–13.

  • Grund, M.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.; Bühler, B.; Schmid, A.
    Electron balancing under different sink conditions reveals positive effects on photon efficiency and metabolic activity of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
    Biotechnology for Biofuels. 12:43.

  • Bozzato, D.; Jakob, T.; Wilhelm, C.
    Effects of temperature and salinity on respiratory losses and the ratio of photosynthesis to respiration in representative Antarctic phytoplankton species.
    PLOS ONE. 14:e0224101. 

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