From a clinical psychology perspective, we are particularly interested in risk factors in early childhood that facilitate the development of psychopathological disorders in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Our research group is part of the Leipzig Research Center for Early Child Development (LFE). In this interdisciplinary center involving pedagogy, psychology, medicine and philosophy, processes of early childhood development are studied. 


Photo of child from behind watching a game.
Observing play behavior can also be a research method. (Photo: Selma Kalhorn)

Research on socioemotional competencies and mental health

In one of our research projects on the importance of socioemotional competencies in ontogenesis, we used a multi-method approach to investigate possible relationships between early psychopathological symptoms and social competence in preschool children. In a behavioral observation using experimental developmental psychology methods, prosocial behavior and social initiative and their association with internalizing and externalizing symptoms were assessed in participating children. Furthermore, we are interested in whether early deficits in social competence are associated with a disadvantageous course in future psycho-emotional development.

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