The Open Science Initiative Leipzig was founded on November 13, 2017 at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Leipzig. The aim of the initiative is to exchange information about the advantages and opportunities, but also the perceived barriers, of open science practices in one's own research. Topics include the pre-registration of studies as well as the publication of data, analysis scripts and materials used. The Open Science Initiative Leipzig plans to inform about the advantages of Open Science in public lectures as well as to develop proposals on how Open Science can be integrated into research and education at the Institute of Psychology.

The Open-Science-Initiative Leipzig is part of the Network Open Science Initiatives (NOSI) and currently meets monthly on Fridays at 1:15 pm. Speakers of the Leipzig initiative are Dr. Julia Rohrer and Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmukle.

Interested parties can join our mailing list to receive invitations to meetings. Currently our group is very psychology-heavy, but we are open to people interested in Open Science from all disciplines.

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