Elected student representatives lobby for you! At the Faculty of Life Sciences, these are the Student Representative Council for the Biological Sciences and the Student Representative Council for Psychology.

enlarge the image: Eine Studentin nimmt in ungezwungener Atmosphäre bei einem Kaffeetrinken die Beratung einer Kommilitonin aus dem Fachschaftsrat in Anspruch.
Beratung durch Mitglied der Fachschaft, Foto: Colobox

The student representatives for the biological sciences and the student representatives for psychology offer competent advice on almost everything that concerns you in connection with organising your studies, choosing a major or any personal challenges you may face.

Yet, your student representatives are much more than an advisory student body. They are a valuable resource for anything that concerns you, professional networking and job offers.

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If you have any questions about the organisation of your studies, please contact the study advisors.