Karl Andraczek

Karl Andraczek

Research Fellow

iDiv Synthesezentrum (sDiv)
iDiv BioDivForschg Lpz
Puschstraße 4
04103 Leipzig


I'm a plant ecologist with an interest in the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in grasslands. I studied at the University of Leipzig, where among other things, I experimentally explored how declining insect biodiversity affect nutrient cycling in grasslands. After my studies I did a PhD in ecology, together with Ass. Prof. Fons van der Plas (Wageningen University, Niederlande) und Prof. Alexandra Weigelt (Leipzig University), in which I studied the reciprocal relationships between plant diversity and aboveground productivity. At the moment I'm a Synthesis PostDoc at iDiv, exploring if belowground functional biodiversity can predict aboveground productivity and resilience under climate change.

Professional career

  • 10/2019 - 04/2020
    Research assistant (Compiling a database/ data analyses for the sRoot Workshop)


  • 10/2014 - 09/2017
    Bachelor of science (Biology)
  • 10/2017 - 09/2019
    Master of science (Biology)
  • since 05/2020
    PhD Student in the BEF-Loops project
  • since 01/2024
    Synthesis PostDoc at iDiv