The Information posted here do not replace the official regulations for exams and studys, that are legally binding and contain more detaild information.

Studying at our Institute

Internal modules (M. Sc. Biochemitry)

  • In the M. Sc. Biochemistry the focus (Molecular Biochemistry/Bioanalytics, Biotechnology/Environmental Biochemistry or Biomedicine) is freely selectable. Module places are allocated according to the available capacity.
  • To enable compliance with the study regulations (3 institute-internal elective modules in the focus), these are assigned with the highest priority. Only then will additional elective modules be assigned according to the prioritization in TOOL. When enrolling modules in the 1st semester, please note that the allocation of 2 intra-institutional modules in the 2nd semester cannot be guaranteed.

Elective and SQ-Modules (6. semester B.Sc. Biochemistry)

With the elective and SQ modules in the 6th semester of B. Sc. Biochemistry, a total of 15 credit points (LP) must be achieved (in addition to the compulsory module "Pharmaceutical Chemistry" and the Bachelor thesis). This can be done by different variants of taking elective modules (WPF) with 5 LP each as well as subject-related and interdepartmental SQ-module with 5-10 LP. This results in the following variants:


No. Biochemical elective module Possible Combinations
1 Biochemical elective module (5 LP) Interfaculty SQ-Module (10 LP)  
2 Biochemical elective module (5 LP) Biochemical elective module (5 LP) Interfaculty SQ-Module (5 LP)
3 Biochemical elective module (5 LP) Interfaculty SQ-Modulel (5 LP) Interfaculty SQ-Module (5 LP)
4 Biochemical elective module (5 LP) Subject-related SQ-module "English" (if not taken in 2nd Sem.) (5 LP) Interfaculty SQ-Module (5 LP)
5 Biochemical elective module (5 LP) Subject-related SQ11 module "Digit. Informationsv." (if not taken in 2nd Sem.) (5 LP) Interfaculty SQ-Module (5 LP)


Only modules from the central list of interfaculty SQ modules can be taken as interfaculty SQ modules! The SQ11 module "Digital Information Processing" cannot be taken as a cross-faculty SQ module, since it counts separately as a subject-related SQ module for biochemistry.

Since the central cross-faculty SQ modules are usually assigned later, an elective module can be subsequently deregistered if an SQ module with 10 LP is assigned.

Laboratory practical course (3. semester M. Sc. Biochemistry)

The laboratory practical course in the 3rd semester of M. Sc. Biochemistry must be carried out in a research group of the Institute of Biochemistry.

The pre-registration for the places in the corresponding working groups takes place after announcement ("Schwarzes Brett", approx. July/August) via a list in the secretary's office of Prof. Mörl (Brüderstr. 34). To do this, you apply for free places in the working groups and the working group leaders confirm your successful application in the secretary's office of Prof. Mörl.

The official module registration takes place at the beginning of the semester via TOOL.

Exceptions to this are internships abroad within the framework of the Erasmus program.

Alternative internships abroad can only be recognized as laboratory internships after confirmation by a professor of the Institute of Biochemistry.

Studying abroad during 3. semester M.Sc. Biochemistry

A semester abroad can be completed in the 3rd semester. In order to comply with the standard period of study, however, it is necessary that the compulsory module "Scientific Work" (intended for the 3rd semester) is already taken in the 1st semester, as there are no credit possibilities for this through modules from foreign universities. Please register additionally for this module in TOOL in the area for the 3rd semester!

Bill Board

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