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to the Chair of Psychological Methods at the University of Leipzig. The members of our lab are interested in the advancement of statistical methods for the analysis of complex psychological data and in applications of Brunswik’s lens model approach in psychological research. Latest research projects cover topics such as using cross-random effect model for the analysis of social relations models data or examining the processes underlying personality judgments. In teaching, we provide a comprehensive B.Sc.- and M.Sc.-program in psychological methods, including lectures and courses on basic and advanced statistics.

If you are interested in writing a thesis in our lab, you can find further information here. We offer supervision of both bachelor and master theses covering both substantial and methodological research questions.



New paper in press by K. Geukes, S. Breil, R. Hutteman, S. Nestler, A.C.P. Küfner, and M. D. Back in PLOS ONE: Explaining the longitudinal interplay of personality and social relationships in the laboratory and in the field: The PILS and the CONNECT study.


New paper in press by M. Blöchl, S. Meissner, and S. Nestler in Journal of Affective Disorders: Does depression after stroke negatively influence physical disability? A systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies.


New paper in press by S. Breil, K. Geukes, R. E. Wilson, S. Nestler, S. Vazire, & M. Back in Collabra: Zooming into real life extraversion: How personality and situation shape sociability in social interactions. 


New paper in press by F. Scharf and S. Nestler in Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal: Should regularization replace simple structure rotation in Exploratory Factor Analysis?


New paper in press by S. Mota, M. Leckelt, K. Geukes, S. Nestler, S. Humberg, M. Schröder-Abe, S. C. Schmukle, and M. D. Back in Collabra: A comprehensive examination of narcissists’ self-perceived and actual socioemotional cognition ability.

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