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Open PhD Position!

We look for a talented and motivated scientist for a project aimed at understanding undisclosed details of ligand binding and activation dynamics at Y receptors. The project is embedded in the CRC1423, a big research consortium focused on G protein-coupled receptors (CRC1423 home page), which is committed to a tight exchange of ideas and skills between its members.

The project is interdisciplinary and involves a wide spectrum of techniques, including mammalian cell culture, genetic incorporation of unnatural amino acids, protein expression in mammalian cells and possibly insect cells, protein analysis, cellular assays, molecular biology work and peptide chemistry. Depending on your interest you will have the additional opportunity of working with our scientific partners on molecular modeling and MD simulations, and/or with mass spectrometry.

We are pioneers of the application of the expanded genetic code technology to challenging membrane proteins to unravel structural and dynamic aspects of protein-protein interactions. We are a small group of open minded people and we guarantee a high quality supervision and support. Find out details about the team and our publications on this page.

Applicants must have a Master of Science or equivalent degree either in chemistry, biochemistry or molecular biology, and should be able to work in a team as well as independently. Professional proficiency in written and spoken English is expected.

Please send your application, including your CV and the contact information of two referees in a single pfd file by mail. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

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Irene Coin, RAL; Foto: Swen Reichhold


  • 30.03/ Wir bitten alle Studierenden, die im Sommersemester das Modul Stoffwechselbiochemie besuchen, sich in unseren moodle Kurs einzuschreiben. Alle weiteren Informationen und Vorlesungsinhalte werden hier geteilt!
  • 05.01/ Willkommen Antonio López Sierra! Wir freuen uns dich als jüngstes Mitglied unserer AG zu begrüßen und wünschen dir alles Gute für deine Dissertation!
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