The development and evaluation of therapy services for children and adolescents is an important research topic.

Photo of a therapy room from inside with a table and a floor lamp.
The latest scientific findings are implemented in our therapy rooms. (Photo: Selma Kalhorn)

Linking practice and research

With our psychotherapeutic university outpatient clinic, we are able to combine psychotherapy research and therapies. For example, we develop tools such as therapy apps that enable children to track and document psychotherapeutic treatment steps in their everyday lives, as in the Löwenherz app, a therapy diary for children with anxiety disorders. In our "Angstklicker" game, children and adolescents learn how to deal with and combat their fears and worries effectively. In this way, affected children learn to develop counter-thoughts and use them against their anxiety. Our mobile applications are evaluated and further developed both in experimental studies and in the therapeutic setting, i.e. directly in therapy with children and adolescents.

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