Marmorporträts griechischer Dichter und Denker, eines römischen Kaisers und von Privatpersonen.

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Adaptive behaviour requires that we filter out relevant stimuli from the sensory representation of the external environment. Processing all environmental information would result in overstimulation. Attention plays a key role in information selection.

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The department Experimental Psychology and Methods provides study content and offers for theses in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in psychology.

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Study Participation

Participation in experiments is remunerated with 8 to 10 euros per hour (by bank transfer) or with subject hours. Register in our database if you are interested.

Register in our joint database, if you would like to participate in EEG experiments or reaction time experiments in Experimental Psychology or Biological Psychology. We will contact you when new studies start.

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If you have any questions about our studies or are generally interested in participating in a study, please contact our secretariat: sekretariat_mueller-schroeger(at)


Status 24 June 2021
We currently conduct EEG experiments.


We strive to keep our research running while at the same time ensuring a high level of safety for our participants. Therefore, our EEG experiments and reaction time experiments are currently carried out under strict hygiene conditions.

Hygiene Concept
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Information for Test Subjects
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