As soon as you are enrolled, or have re-registered for a semester, you can start module registration. Registration for elective modules is a two-step process: you register, but your registration is not effective until you receive confirmation.

How do I register for a module?

Way before the beginning of a semester, in the section Dates and Deadlines, we inform you about the registration period. Registration is possible only during the given period, and only via the online portal TOOL. However, to register via TOOL you must have completed your re-enrolment.

Registration for elective modules has two phases. In the first you register for your favourite elective modules. In a second phase you must check if you have been assigned to the chosen modules and then confirm the assignment. If you fail to confirm the assignment, your seat will be allocated to another student. Such confirmation from your part is not required for mandatory modules.

What if you'd like to swap your module with another student or if you are late for registration? Depending on free seats, you may apply for it no later than october 31st (for winter term modules) or april 31st (for summer term modules). Later modifications are not possible. Whom should you contact? The semester planning in the Office for Study Affairs. 

The mere attendance of a module does not entitle you to take the respective exam!

The only "entry ticket" to a module exam is a formal module registration at the beginning of a semester, and it is automatically counted as your exam registration. You can de-register from the exam only if you de-registrer at due date from the module as a whole.
Should health issues prevent you from taking an examination (to learn more about examination inability (see section In the event of an illness) or should you fail an exam, you are automatically registered to re-take the exam.

Should you need to re-take an exam a second time, you need to prepare a formal application and wait for the next official examination date. Submit your application early enough to the Examination Board.

What happens, if I de-register from a module?

In this case, you will be automatically cancelled from all teaching events connected to this module and the exam.

You can de-register from a module only within a certain deadline. If you study psychology, you may do so up to four weeks before the end of classes. In the Life Sciences, the deadline for de-registration is November 15 for winter term and May 15 for summer term.
We will notify you early enough before the beginning of each semester when and how (using TOOL or AlmaWeb) you may de-register.

When you de-register, all exams and pre-exams are lapsed, as if you never took the module. Should you, in the course of your studies, decide to register again for the same module, you will also have to re-take all the presequisites for examination, as stated in the examination regulation.

De-registration is not possible after the above deadlines.

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