Certificate documents include the Transcript of Records, a Diploma Supplement, the Examination Certificate, the Bachelor's Certificate or the Master's Certificate.

Wortwolke mit Kontur eines Absolventen mit Barett
Wortwolke Studienabschluss, Foto: Colorbox

When and how will I receive my certificate documents?

You will receive your transcript documents as soon as you have successfully accomplished all the requirements for your course of study, including the final thesis. The Office for Study Affairs prepares the documents and arranges for the signature of the Dean and Chair of the Examination Committee. The Office for Study Affairs will then inform you by e-mail that the documents are ready for collection. Come by during the office hours of the Office of Student Affairs, present the fully signed routing sheet, and the certificate documents will be handed to you. Congratulations on your graduation! You are now one of our university's alumni and alumnae.

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