We grant access to two fully equiped Core Units for researchers of Leipzig University, for the Faculty of Medicine and for external research institutions. The BioImaging Core Faciliy offers cutting edge equipment for light and atomic force microscopy.
Our equipment for mass spectrometry provides you with extensive infrastructure for your research on biomolecules.

BioImaging Core Facility Leipzig University

The BioImaging Core Facility is jointly run by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Life Sciences. You will find at your disposal a wide array of light microscopes and an atomic force microscope. After registering and a short tutorial you can use our equipment independently. It goes without saying that the equipment include a cryostat, a parrafine microtome and a parrafine embedding workstation.

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Image of two female students who analyze samples with a Zeiss Apotome.Aufnahme zweier Studentninnen, die am Zeissapotom Proben auswerten, eine blickt ins Binokular, die andere interpretiert das Bild auf dem Monitor.
Two students check samples with an apotom from Zeiss. Photo: PD Dr. Matthias Behr, Leipzig University

Core Unit Mass Spectrometry

Draw from our extensive experience in the area of peptide and protein analysis.

You can access our facilites if you are a member of the University, a member of a non-commercial research institution, and to some extent even as member of a business company. You can use our equipment by yourself or ask for our services. For the details, see the "Nutzungsordnung".

Please consult our price list to learn about the costs of each equipment item.

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