Life-Span Psychology  


Welcome to the Life-Span Developmental Psychology Laboratory!

Our research is concerned with processes of successful development from adolescence into old age. As to the domains of development, our work focuses on emotions - basic emotions and more complex emotional competencies - and how they relate to motivational, cognitive, and social processes.

News from our Lab

What role does age play for empathy in emotionally demanding jobs? Cornelia Wieck, Ute Kunzmann, and Susanne Scheibe answer this question in their new article for the Special Issue Prosociality in Adult Development and Aging of the journal Psychology and Aging.

The new prevention program for teacher's health SEGEL is ready to launch! It was developed by Ute Kunzmann and Cornelia Wieck. More information can be found here (in German).

Why do we feel younger and younger, the older we get? Emily Laber-Warren from the New York Times speaks to David Weiss about subjective Aging. To the article.

Martin Katzorreck presented his latest work on age differences in the variablity of emotional reactions at the 2nd CELISE Workshop at the university of Jena. Download the poster.

last update: 30.03.2020