Life-Span Psychology  


Welcome to the Life-Span Developmental Psychology Laboratory!

Our research is concerned with processes of successful development from adolescence into old age. As to the domains of development, our work focuses on emotions - basic emotions and more complex emotional competencies - and how they relate to motivational, cognitive, and social processes.

News from our Lab

Blöchl, M., Nestler, S., & Weiss, D. (2020). A limit of the subjective age bias: Feeling younger to a certain degree, but no more, is beneficial for life satisfaction. Psychology and Aging.

Katzorreck, M., Wieck, C.Kunzmann, U. (2020). Altersunterschiede in der Empathie: Theorien und empirische Evidenz. In M. Peters & A. Riehl-Emde (Hrsg.) Psychotherapie im Alter. Tübingen: Psychosozial Verlag.

Wieck, C., Kunzmann, U. & Scheibe, S. (in press). Empathy at Work: The Role of Age and Emotional Job Demands. Prosociality in Adult Development and Aging: Special Issue of Psychology and Aging.

Weiss, D. & Kunzmann, U. (2020). Longitudinal Changes in Subjective Social Status are Linked to Changes in Positive and Negative Affect in Midlife, but not in Later Adulthood. Psychology and Aging. Advance online publication.

last update: 24.01.2021 


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