Our department focuses on a broad spectrum of topics surrounding psychological disorders in children and adolescents. We apply different research methods such as questionnaires, peripheral physiology, eyetracking, EEG, experimental behavioural observation, as well as everyday measures.

Anxiety and emotion regulation

Research on causal and maintaining factors in childhood anxiety disorders is one of the main focuses of our department.

For example, in our project „childhood anxiety“ (in cooperation with Freiburg University), we are currently examining these processes in social anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. The German Research Fundation is funding this project.

Our research methods include experimental behavioural observation, self-reports, methods capturing peripheral physiological processes, electroencephalography (EEG) and eyetracking. We examine mental processes in children and adolescents in controlled experimental settings as well as in real-life settings.

Early childhood development and risk factors

Our department is part of the Leipzig Research Center for early childhood development (LFE) that has been founded in 2016.

From a clinical point of view, we are mainly interested in risk factors in early childhood that facilitate the development of psychopathology in childhood, adolscence and adulthood.

In one of our research projects on the role of socio-emotional competence in ontogeny, we examine possible relations between early psychopathological tendencies and social competencies in preschool-age children following a multi-method approach. In an experimental behavioral observation, we assess prosocial behaviour and social initiative as well as internalizing and externalizing tendencies in 5-year-old children. We are further interested in the potentially causal role of social competence in children’s psychopathological development over time.

Research on psychotherapy

Besides research on causal and maintaining factors in childhood mental disorders, we also focus on the investigation of effective therapeutic interventions for these disorders. Thus, our outpatient clinic combines therapeutic treatment and research on the effectiveness of these treatments. 

We are developing, for example, tools such as therapeutic apps that help children to pursue and record their therapeutic achievements in their everyday-life. One of these apps is the Löwenherz-App for children with anxiety disorders.

Our recently developed game „Angstklicker“ helps children to effectively deal with their anxiety and worries. Affected children learn to develop useful thoughts against their anxiety. Our mobile applications are currently being developed and evaluated both in experimental laboratory studies as well as in therapeutic sessions.

last update: 18.05.2020 


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