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Doctorate and Habilitation at the Institute of Biology

You would like to do your doctoral thesis at the Institute of Biology? You would like to do your habilitation at our institute? Here you will find important information.

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Our research at a glance

This section is still under construction. In the meantime, you are welcome to visit our German page for information on all our departments.

Mehrere Röhrchen mit Chlamydomonas reinhardtii wachsen in einem Bioreaktor. Foto:Antonia Schad

SenProf Algae Biotechnology

"New Green Chemistry" is a novel approach to producing organic carbon using photosynthesis.

Model organisms and plant hormones that are the subject of research in the Department of General and Applied Botany. Photos: Franziska Krajinski-Barth and Wolfram Brenner

General and Applied Botany

Symbiotic interactions between plant roots and soil microorganisms, plant developmental biology, and plant hormones.

Foto: drei Studierende stehen in einem Schalllabor um eine Studienteilnehmerin herum die eine Kappe mit Kabeln trägt

General Zoology and Neurobiology

How the brain encodes and processes simple and complex sounds.

Picture of the rainforest of Papua New Guinea

Biodiversity and Evolution

We investigate taxonomic & functional diversity of species communities, their spatial structuring & evolutionary history

Developmental Biology

We investigate mechanisms and factors that protect the epidermis of the skin against mechanical stress and dehydration.

Eine Frau steht im Labor und kontrolliert mit einem Messgerät biometrische Daten von Pflanzen.

Experimental Interaction Ecology

Interactions among organisms above and below the ground as well as within and across trophic levels.

Zeichnung einer fressenden Fliege (Zeichnung: Merlin Szymanski)


We are investigating how the small brain of the fruit fly learns and controls behaviour through its genes and cells.

A young chimpanzee at Leipzig Zoo and a child, who is a visitor in the ape house, look at each other through the glass pane

Human Biology and Primate Cognition

We explore the cognitive & communicative abilities of different ape species, including humans.

Phylogenetic Tree, by Melanie Grudinski

Molecular Evolution and Plant Systematics

Our mission is to describe biodiversity in species-rich areas of the Earth.

Molecular Evolution and Systematics of Animals

Evolution, ecology and conservation biology in zoology with a special focus on amphibians, reptiles and arthropods.

Plant Physiology

The metabolism of algae and interactions of microalgae and other microorganisms.

AG Wirth / Weigelt in 2019

Systematic Botany and Functional Biodiversity

We study the ecosystem consequences of plant biodiversity change.

Animal Physiology

We study molecular mechanisms of neuronal communication.

Four pictures are connected with arrows to illustrate the interplay between behaviour, ecology, genetics and fitness. The pictures display three interacting Barbary macaques, an oil palm plantation, a sequencing workflow and a meerkat with pups.

Primate Behavioural Ecology

We are interested in the interplay between behavior, ecology, genetics and fitness which we study at various levels.

Mitarbeiter des Instituts für Biologie am Mikroskop im Labor.

The research report of our university

Here you will find an insight into the research activities of the scientists of the Institute of Biology.

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