Institute of Biochemistry  

Executive Director
Prof. Dr. Mario Mörl

Biochemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry:
Prof. Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:
Prof. Dr. Mario Mörl

Biophysical Chemistry:
Prof. Dr. Tilo Pompe

Microbiology and Bioprocess Technology:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zimmermann

Metabolic Biochemistry and Enzymology:

Biochemistry of the Faculty of Medicine:
Prof. Dr. med. Torsten Schöneberg

Environmental Microbiology:
Prof. Dr. Hauke Harms
(joint professorship with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmid

Molecular biological-biochemical Processing Technology:
Dr. Heinz-Georg Jahnke (provisional Head)

Synthetic Protein-biochemistry:
Prof. Dr. Irene Coin

Research Group "Molecular Medicine":
Dr. Dr. John T. Heiker

Junior Research Group "Microbial Bioelectrocatalysis & Bioelectrotechnology":
PD Dr. Falk Harnisch

last update: 13.03.2020 

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