Dustin Eirdosh

research assistant

Room: 216

Phone: (0341) 97 36 882

E-mail: dustin.eirdosh(at)uni-leipzig.de

consultation: on request


Summary of interests in research and teaching

I am interested in the nature of conceptual change and knowledge synthesis occurring across the evolution sciences, and how this change interacts with personal and sociocultural meaning systems. This broadly includes:

  • Conceptual change in evolution science (see e.g. the extended evolutionary synthesis)
  • Interactions between scientific knowledge synthesis and sociocultural meaning systems
  • Conceptual development in Human Adaptive Flexibility
  • Conceptual development in Nature of Science, Mind, and Society (NOSMS)
  • Conceptual development in Evolutionary Social Constructivism
  • The role of evolution education in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  • The role of K-16 curriculum design in effective evolution education

Academic society membership

My teaching and research efforts integrate perspectives in cultural evolution and contextual behavioral sciences in service of better understanding the functional role of evolution education in curriculum design.
I am active in the following academic societies and networks supporting this work:



Academic literature

Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (in press) The Role of Evolutionary Studies in Education for Sustainable Development. Chapter in Wilson, D.S. & Geher, G. (in press) Evolutionary Studies: Darwin’s Roadmap to the Curriculum. Oxford University Press.

Eirdosh, D. (2016). Ultimate Causation and Evolving Social Strategies in the Anthropocene: A Global Education Perspective. Commentary on Ellis, E.C. (2016) Humans: The Species That Changed The Earth. Social Evolution Forum. The Evolution Institute.

Eirdosh, D. (2015). The Tragedy of Commonsense Project Management: Multi-Level Thinking as a Core Competency for Sustainability Scientists. Commentary on Waring T.; Tremblay, E. (2015). An Evolutionary Approach to Sustainability. Social Evolution Forum. The Evolution Institute.

Eirdosh, D. (2014). The Moral Brain as Content & Context for Educational Innovation in Southwestern Madagascar. Special Issue: The Future of Evolutionary Studies in Higher Education. The EvoS Journal.

popular press in science communication

Eirdosh, D. (2017) Learning about evolution with kids: a global network in development. Evolution: This View of Life. The Evolution Institute

Eirdosh, D.; Hanisch, S. (2017) Where’s The Brain in Nature of Science. Medium.

Eirdosh, D. (2016). What was Darwin Thinking?. Evolution: This View of Life. The Evolution Institute

Eirdosh, D. (2015). Share the Big History of Psychological Flexibility. Evolution: This View of Life. The Evolution Institute

Eirdosh, D. (2015). Madagascar 2030: A New Conference for University Leadership Development. Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD).

Eirdosh, D. (2015). Cosmos in the Classroom: Sharing Big History on the Island of Evolution. in Origins V.12, The International Big History Association.

Eirdosh, D. (2015). Can Teaching Evolution Help Kids Flourish in School and Life? Evolution: This View of Life. The Evolution Institute.

Academic and Public Speaking Sessions

Betanimena Station: Cultivating a University-Led Approach to Development in Southwestern Madagascar. (July, 2015), US Embassy - Madagascar.

Civic Ecology on the Island of Evolution: Educational Action-Research in Southwestern Madagascar (April, 2015), Poster Presentation. The Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society.

Civic Ecology at Betanimena Station: An Evolutionary Studies Framework for K-16 Education, Research, and Development. (October, 2014), Society for Human Ecology XX International Conference. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

Cultivating Agricultural Leadership in Southwestern Madagascar: A Civic Ecology Approach for Teaching the Nature of Political Discourse on Biotechnology. (September 2014), Green Revolution Reloaded. ETH Zurich, Plant Science Center, Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

“The Moral Brain as Content & Context for Educational Innovation in Southwestern Madagascar”. (May, 2013), The Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society.

Speaker, Hancock County Farm-to-School Workshops (October, 2005 & February, 2009)

Speaker, Washington County Farm-to-School Workshop (September, 2008)

Presenter, Maine Environmental Education Association Annual Conference (March, 2008)

curriculum vitae

  • 2000: Cheltenham High School graduate, Pennsylvania, USA
  • 2004: B.A. Human Ecology, focused in Agricultural Science, Education, and Community Development. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
  • 2004-2009: Coordinator of Service-Learning and Farm-to-School programs for K-12 Schools of the Mt. Desert Island Regional School District, Maine, USA
  • 2012-2015: Project Director of the Positive Education Action-Research Lab at University of Toliara, Faculty of Educational Psychology, Toliara Madagascar
  • 2015: MSc. International Food Business and Consumer Sciences, focused on Education for Sustainable Development
  • Since 03.2017: Research assistant and Doctoral Candidate within the Biology Education Working Group of the Faculty of Biosciences, Psychology, and Pharmacology at University of Leipzig

Awards and recognition

  • Community Partner of the Year, June 2005 Awarded by The KIDS Consortium for Service-Learning www.KIDSconsortium.org
  • Ecological Entrepreneurship Award for Community Sustainability, June 2004 Awarded by The College of the Atlantic www.coa.edu


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