Dr. Paula Vieweg


Raum 252

Tel: +49 (0) 341 - 97 39533




  • attention shifts within/between feature dimensions
    • time course of attention shifts (with EEG)
    • order and contributions of brain regions (with fMRI)
    • combined EEG-fMRI measurements
  • episodic memory
    • pattern completion
    • hippocampus (medial temporal lobe)
    • aging
    • 7T-fMRI


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Vieweg, P., Hassan, A., Berron, D., Wolbers, T. (2018). Memory Image Completion - a Behavioural Task to Assess Pattern Completion. OSF, July 25. [software]

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Baker, S., Vieweg, P., Gao, F., Gilboa, A., Wolbers, T., Black, S.E., & Rosenbaum, R.S.(2016). The Human Dentate Gyrus Plays a Necessary Role in Discriminating New Memories. Current Biology, 26, 2629-2634. [link]

Vieweg, P., Stangl, M., Howard, L.R. & Wolbers, T. (2015). Changes in pattern completion - a key mechanism to explain age-related recognition memory deficits? Cortex, 64, 343-351. [link]

Van Hooff, J. C., Devue, C., Vieweg, P. E., & Theeuwes, J. (2013). Disgust- and not fear-evoking images hold our attention. Acta Psychologica, 143(1), 1–6. [link]

Miller, J., Vieweg, P., Kruize, N., & McLea, B. (2010). Subjective reports of stimulus, response, and decision times in speeded tasks: How accurate are decision time reports? Consciousness and Cognition, 19(4),1013-1036. [link]

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