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Aktuelle Veranstaltungen

Kolloqiumsvortrag von Prof. Dr. Jonas Obleser, Universität Lübeck

Adaptive neural states and traits in the listening brain:

Typical listening situations do pose multiple challenges to our behavioural goal of communicating successfully. What’s more,  there is a lot to learn from these situations for neuroscientists: What are possible neural implementations of spatio-temporal filters for solving the ‘cocktail party problem’? And how is a listener’s performance affected by neural states (e.g., intra-individual, moment-to-moment fluctuations of neural excitability) and neural traits (i.e., inter-individual differences in brain-wide connectivity)? I will present some tentative answers to these questions from recent M/EEG as well as fMRI work in our laboratory, with the goal of explaining better the large variation in successful auditory communication.

Raum 133 | Zeit: 16:00


Vortrag von Dr. Veronica Mazza, Universität Trient

Multiple object processing in the lifespan:

The ability to process concurrently multiple relevant objects is fundamental for a coherent perception of the world. I will present EEG data (focusing on the N2pc and CDA components of the EEG signal) that point to the existence of a “perceptual” individuation mechanism, reflected by the N2pc, which binds specific features to locations and provides a stable representation of the relevant objects.  In turn, the individuated objects become available for further processing, such as their active maintenance in working memory, reflected by CDA, for subsequent cognitive operations required by various tasks. Since processing multiple objects simultaneously is a core aspect of many tasks, evaluating how this ability changes throughout lifespan is useful to assess the integrity of the cognitive functions in aging. I will discuss EEG results in healthy aging that indicate a differential involvement of individuation and working memory procedures in multiple object processing.

Raum 133 | Zeit: tba

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